Aaron Rodgers

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GOTTA WIN Just To Get In

The Bears were good. Their defense was very good with a younger Peppers, Urlacher, Briggs Peanut Tillman etc. Bears had the #2 seed locked up, couldn't go any higher and usually that would result in sitting some key guys. Love Smith knew the Packers were a top threat, and he wanted them to be left out. 
GOTTA WIN just to get in

It kind of seems like just yesterday, but then again, a long time ago. Rodgers was just finishing up his third year starting. Matthews was in his second season, along with B.J. Raji. Charles Woodson was the reigning NFL Defensive Player of the Year. 
NFC Divisional at #1 Atlanta​

High-octane #1-seeded Atlanta was a strong favorite to steamroll Dom Capers' Packers and light them up, like Kurt Warner's Arizona Cardinals had done a year earlier to knock the Packers out of the playoffs.
This turned out to be the Aaron Rodgers Coming Out Party 
NFC Wild Card Game at #3 Philadelphia​

Michael Vick, a young LeSean McCoy & DeSean Jackson, and a good defense. And a Pro-Bowl kicker who hardly missed all year. The Eagles were favored to beat the #6-seeded Packers
NFC Championship Game at #2 Chicago​

The oldest rivalry in football and a Super Bowl berth at stake. Another game where the opposing defense was able to bottle up Rodgers and the offense, like the week 17 Bears game and the Wildcard game in Philly. With this win, the Packers have taken out the top 3 seeds in the NFC, all on the road obviously. GEORGE HALAS TROPHY. Packers became the first NFC #6 seed to make it to a Super Bowl.